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Capital Raising

Founders and Managements have a lot on their plate. Amidst running operations, Capital Raising initiatives tend to get off track. Stebi bring integrity, clarity, and energy to this process.

Capital Raising
Photo by Vardan Papikyan / Unsplash

Table of Contents

Our process includes:

  1. Understanding the business in depth.
  2. Preparing documents like:
    • Teaser
    • Pitch Deck
    • Financial Model
    • Detailed Investment Memo
  3. Setting up and managing the Data Room.
  4. Working with founders to identify the right profile of investors.
  5. Connecting and supporting founders pitch to such investors.
  6. Assisting with term sheets.
  7. Closing the transaction.

In today's day and age, founders need: ❶ patient capital, ❷ more than just capital, and ❸ investors that align with their values.

Stebi brings in a meticulous approach, networks built over decades of consulting and capital markets experience, and domain expertise.

We believe we're the ideal growth partners for you.