If you're not keen on reading long-form content, here are links to bite-sized summaries of STEBI's weekly articles (in the form of Twitter threads).

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Date Title
Jan 22, 2020 How To Choose An Investing Style
Jan 15, 2020 BookNotes: The Dhandho Investor by Mohnish Pabrai
Jan 8, 2020 The Evolution Of Media
Nov 26, 2020 Consulting Industry 101
Nov 18, 2020 Capital Markets 101
Nov 11, 2020 Insurance Industry 101
Sep 8, 2020 Turning The Economy Around
Non-finance writings
Jan 27, 2020 Mourning Kobe Bryant
Dec 17, 2019 Seeking - a poem
Oct 17, 2019 We live in our heads - a poem
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